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Sunday, March 11, 2007

many wud not have known that today the shoppin bug attacked me!
but since it did, it's kinda late to cure, i wasn't really bother to anyway. ha
bought sweaters and some misc stuffs.
and it's really tiring today havin recce early in e morning til noon..
and previous night had only less that 4hrs of slp.

anyway.. jus rmbed abt the j cell sharing by bro chris on love.
talked abt everlasting love of His.. perfect, no error in timing and forever forgiving.
and how human tend to react so fast to situation to find themselves jus complain instead of solving problems..
and time proves love. when u c some light or positive signs.. guilt crept in...
-"oh God, forgive me.." is the cliched guilt-stricken words spoken out definitely frm ur heart..
and time again proves that we fall again.. and the heart starts pumping out those words..
how many times must we fail to know that we aren't lovin our God?
can u feel the Father's pain?
and there's one reason to cease all complaints.. - there's not a need to be complaining, or not even a reason for u to do so, cos if u believe so, there's always a rainbow after the rain in God.
ppl, it's time to wake uP!!!
God's waitin for you.... talk to him, whisper, watever! shout!!

war epic shows
Sunday, February 25, 2007

watched pearl harbour
strikes me tat a soldier has to fight all e way to his death..
no matter wat..
same goes for e spiritual warfare.
e difference is that we will always win if we stand on God's side.
if not e battle is a sure lose..
sometimes humans even christians think that things happened conincidentally..
that's where faith comes in..
little faith of a mustard seed is all a person needs.
i think i shud watch more war epic shows..
not cos im in ns or wat.. but it tells of how things does not happen conincidentally..
everyone has to fight a war of his own.

when relatives asked me abt wat im have been doin and life and all..
they somehow mentioned my mum.
and it hits me that it's alr so long since she's not around..
actually few days ago.. i alr started missing my mum..
and got a little emo.. =x
jus how we think that ppl ard us is taken for granted..
simply sums up the selfish nature of humans..
ohwell im like that also at times..

anyway.. CNY almost over!
and my overseas training is coming!
woots. is gonna be a heck of a time in the coming days..
im lookin forward to taiwan!!

anyway, hv a blessed week ahead ppl!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i have many many things to blog abt !
hmm hmm.. or mayb tat's jus wat i thought..
still i can wish u ppl out there a happy chinese new yr!!
this yr's CNY is kinda toned down.. not sure wat's e reason..
but it's probably one of e most relaxed one i had.
it seems like as u get older, e excitement seems to b fading away together with ur age. ha
anyway.. reunion dinner as usual..
it always gd to celebrate e first day of CNY in church..
how blessed to get ya first red packet frm ur pastor..

and there's some reflection to do during tis festive season..
watched a touching movie abt 2 doctors..
one had leukemia.. one had the courage to take him into her life..
it kinda showed me how ppl tend to take things for granted in life..
must there be an illness to knock some sense into a person?
or some catastrophe or watsoever.
n in times like this, God will taking in your anger and all like He's not sad at all.
but.. i guess God's more sad than anyone else.
wat a movie to watch during CNY.

and came bro chris photos..
oragnized fellow..
his photos jus seems so in place.

sick days!
Saturday, February 10, 2007

though it was relax week for me this week..
i still find myself eating panadols and c my forehead gettin hot n cold.
and a time when my temperature hits 38 degrees.. - my all time record..
i was still feelin kinda ok though i can feel the hotness in me..
anyway.. had a gd time in camp though.. playin soccer and all..
and im so dreading the outfield nxt week..
hope i survived thru..
and upon hearing the taiwan trip... i feel like im gg to some third world country.. scary.
but nevertheless, wat are mens for.. to suffer all these i guess..
i gonna stay steadfast in Him..
anyway all my problems is jus a minutia of God's greatness..
wat's there to worry abt? i realised..
inevitable, are all these problems..

yes.. a new blogskin.. looks kinda light which is so unlike me.
guess tis is da aftermath for being sick!
tends to be less noisy in my designs.. heez..
CNY shopping anyone? :D

born to love
Sunday, February 04, 2007

is there something in us that make us love ?
bibically, yes.
physically, is somehow hard to do so.
love to a extend where there's no boundaries.
one can.